Whether you need a forklift to replace an out-of-service unit, or want to temporarily expand your fleet to meet seasonal workflow demands, NWLT has you covered.


When you rent with NW Lift Truck Service, you have at your disposal:

  • A wide choice of rental units to meet your needs, from 3,000 to 35,000 lb. load capacity.
  • Models available in gas, LP gas, diesel and electric models, cushion or pneumatic to perform any job.
  • Custom-tailored rental plans let you rent for a day, a week, a month, or even years.
  • Prompt delivery of the units to your location.


  • Quality machines that guarantee efficient runtime.
  • Designed and built with operator performance & comfort in mind.
  • Safe and reliable. Keep your operators safe and working.
  • Wide variety of reliable, late-model forklifts.
  • Good machine-to-application fits.
  • Internal combustion or electric.
  • Cushion tire or pneumatic.


  • We are committed to your satisfaction.
  • We work closely with you to determine your equipment needs.
  • On-time delivery minimizes your downtime.
  • Price competitive.
  • Highly trained service technicians.
  • Exceptional availability of additional products & services help maximize equipment up time.

Why rent forklifts?

  • Seasonal Demand – Short term forklift rentals are an economical way to work through your busiest seasons and inventory time. Eliminate unnecessary expenses due to unused equipment during your off-season.
  • Unexpected Demand – A short term forklift rental helps you handle sudden increases in demand, such as new business growth, added demand for production or avoiding demurrage charges on late deliveries.
  • Emergency Replacement – If you simply can’t afford any equipment downtime, a short-term forklift rental is a great way to maintain productivity levels while a machine is being repaired or serviced.
  • Rare Use – There may be infrequent times during business operation that you need a highly specialized piece of equipment to get a job done. That’s a perfect time for short term NWLT forklift rental.
  • Product Evaluation – A short term forklift rental allows you to thoroughly evaluate a given model under your actual field conditions prior to purchase or a long-term rent/lease commitment.